Submariner Replica Watches: The VS Version Sets a New Standard in Quality

Date:2024-06-14 14:52:19
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The Submariner replica watch has long been a sought-after timepiece for watch enthusiasts. Its timeless design and reliable functionality have made it an iconic watch in the industry. However, finding a high-quality replica that truly captures the essence of the genuine Submariner has always been a challenge. That is, until now.

Introducing the VS (Vanguard Swiss) version of the Submariner replica watch. VS has revolutionized the replica watch industry by setting a new standard in quality and attention to detail. Let's delve deeper into the key features that make the VS version stand out from the rest.

One of the standout features of the VS version is the luminous pearl color. The luminous pearl on the VS Submariner replica is crafted to closely resemble the genuine quality. Made of sapphire glass, it emits a captivating luminosity that adds to the overall allure of the watch.

Another notable aspect is the ceramic bezel scale coating. Unlike many replicas on the market that use old or used genuine parts, the VS version features a ceramic bezel with a silver coating. This color accurately references the color of the new genuine bezel, giving it an authentic appearance that is often lacking in other replicas.

1. Luminous pearl color, closer to the genuine quality. The luminous pearl glass is made of sapphire glass.

2. Ceramic bezel scale coating color, referencing the color of the new genuine bezel, is more silver. Most versions on the market use used or old genuine pieces for production, so the ceramic bezel coating color tends to be silver-gray.

3. VS hands (second hand, minute hand, hour hand) compared to genuine hands: clean and sharp right-angle connections at the junction of round and square hand shafts; other versions on the market: hand corner connections are curved, especially noticeable on the second hand. Many of them are not real central hand shafts. This is a key point to distinguish between real and fake watches.

4. The VS case and head between the case and the lugs are made to have steps when viewed from the side, with no visible gaps when viewed head-on. When buying/selling a VS Submariner in the future, you don't have to spend extra time looking for these details. This is the basic standard.

5. The VS version polishes the crown to be just right, with sharp teeth but not sharp to the touch.

6. The VS version earpieces are made according to genuine molds, allowing for interchangeable use with genuine pieces. The details of the steel band head are the same as the genuine, sandblasted, then engraved with the logo.

7. The inside details of the case lugs are the same as the genuine, with vertical sanding and engraved inscriptions.

8. The VS version steel band is treated with sandblasting to get a texture similar to the genuine, clear, delicate, and complete.

9. The beveling of the steel band in the VS version is done well, comfortable to wear, without any foreign substances.

10. The closure strength of the VS version buckle is adjusted according to the genuine. When opened, it is easy but firm, and when closed, there is a slight damping feeling. Quality is guaranteed by VS.

11. The VS new 3135 version is equipped with the latest VS3135 movement developed by VS, completely new development. Not the modified 3135 movements with poor workmanship and unstable quality that were previously on the market.

In addition, the VS 3135 Submariner has a self-protection function on the calendar wheel to reduce the failure rate of the calendar wheel. After adjusting the quick jump of the calendar, when the hour hand is between 0-8 o'clock, the second gear cannot quickly adjust the date. This prevents the calendar wheel gears from being jammed or deformed. You must first rotate the hour hand past eight o'clock before you can rotate it back, then between 0-8 o'clock (24 hours can be used) you can quickly and properly jump the date in the second gear.

For those who support, trust, and purchase the new VS 3135 series products in 2020, you can enjoy the benefit of three years, half-price after-sales replacement/upgrade of the latest accessories. If you want to upgrade, just do it, enjoy the upgrade.

For those who have pre-ordered, please give VS some time as the factory will gradually begin deliveries (not lowering standards to rush shipments). Good things take time, and bringing the best products to reward your choice.

VS will be down-to-earth and focus on getting the details right. They won't rush shipments or boast products. If you are interested in learning more about the detailed VS 3135 movement, you can search online.

Remember, comparing to the genuine is the only way to accurately distinguish between real and fake products.

Keep an eye on the VS new 3135 and genuine products side by side in the photos. Are you satisfied with the detailed craftsmanship and quality of the luminous pearls that VS presents compared to the genuine product?

Let's look at the differences in color and craftsmanship in the ceramic bezel between the VS and other market versions. VS strives for accuracy and quality, providing you with the best products and user experience.

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Thank you for your interest and for choosing VS.

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